Royal performance without paying a king’s ransom. Our most cost-effective line... built to the same exacting standards as our premium shafts. Medium launch angles with medium spin rates for optimum distance and control. Fits a wide range of golfers from low swing speeds up to 105 mph.


A knight’s weapon to rival any other... from performance to price. Superior performance that competes with any high-priced shaft on Tour. More penetrating ball flight with less spin for maximum distance and control. For mid-to-low handicap and Tour-caliber players with higher swing speeds.


Knight-worthy performance without the extra weight. Similar stiffness distribution profiles as that of much heavier shafts that result in the same feel. Medium to high launch angles and spin for enhanced control and maximum distance. Fits a wide range of golfers from low swing speeds up to 105 mph.


A NEW design in the evolution of the hugely popular SL- 45 golf shafts! Designed with a stiffness distribution equal to much heavier shafts - a fact no other sub-50 gram shaft in the world can claim. For golfers of all abilities with smooth to slightly quicker tempos and transitions and driver speeds up to 100 mph. Expect a mid to mid/high launch with medium to slightly lower spin to help maximize distance.


The NEW Avalon 5 wood golf shafts are the only 50 gram shafts today that are Tour-Ready! Designed for low handicap golfers with medium to aggressive tempos/ transitions that DO NOT have to adjust their swings for a super-lite shaft. Expect a very stable, controllable shaft with high launch and medium to low spin for swings even up to 120 MPH!

Rapid Taper

The Rapid Taper Irons and Wedges were designed based on the physics of a whip. A whip’s specifically tapered cord stores all the input energy until the very last moment of release. That geometry is what causes the familiar “snap” one hears. Those same physics and geometry, along with a specifically designed distribution of stiffness is what makes the Rapid Taper Irons so long and unique.

Close Out Golf Shafts

Closing out the 2021 Rapid Taper Series. Testing with over 100 players using #6 iron heads showed increases in clubhead speeds from 2-5 MPH for everyone - something that's never been accomplished in any iron golf shafts' designs. Go to "The Hackers Paradise" Forum section to see Available in August. If you like the Rapid Tapers, check out our NEW Rapid Taper Series