Words From Our Founder

Throughout my 25+ years in designing, testing, manufacturing, and marketing golf shafts, I’ve had one consistent guiding principle - to always tell the golfing community the TRUTH about anything related to shaft cost, performance, quality and true innovation. Further, to give my absolute best effort in imagineering and creating the best golf shafts in the world.

I’ve accomplished that in many ways, but still have a lot of room for improvement. With 312 Tour wins in my resume – the most wins with graphite shaft designs in the history of golf - the Xcalibers will again give us the opportunity to demonstrate that aspiration and make our Mission Statement a reality!

Our Mission Statement then is two-fold:

1) Tell the golfing community the truth about golf shaft design as it relates to performance and cost.

2) Provide golfers of all abilities – from a Tour pro to a casual weekend golfer – the highest performing, best quality, and most innovative golf shafts at fair prices.

Our New Team

I’ve surrounded myself with what I think are the not only the best minds I’ve encountered but also folks who know the true meaning of Teamwork, Morals and Values - just like King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot!

President - Scott Musgrave

Scott has a long history of taking companies and getting them organized and efficient in all aspects of operations. In doing so, he’s also a master of obtaining investment capital once the company is ready.

VP of Operations - Roy Kaltz 

Roy has many years in the golf industry and in operating various companies in general. He’s VERY passionate all things golf and has already proved to be a godsend in his assistance and willingness to build what can actually be called now - a new company. He will assist Scott and myself over-see all operations including procurement and distribution.

VP of Sales and Fulfillment – Bernadette DeVera

Bernadette has a very impressive and successful background in managing Sales Teams in a variety of fields. Her self-motivation is beyond compare and her ability to show a constant increase in sales is extraordinary. She’s amazingly detailed, organized and dedicated to giving all customers her personal and undivided attention. We’re truly lucky to have her as part of the Xcaliber Team!

Director of Technical Sales and Fitting Specialist - Eric Napue

"Big E" is as passionate about golf as anyone I’ve ever encountered. He’s a Master Fitter, Club Maker and has been mega-successful in his sales efforts in the telecom business.

Internet Marketing Co.

Truthfully, I had no idea of the vast machinations of running a successful internet marketing campaign until I met Chris and Keith McCrone. They truly embrace the concept of TEAM and we’re all lucky to have found them.

Me? I’ll be freed up to do the things I do best - imagineering, design, implementing and evaluating all player testing, vendor relationships but most importantly, continue to serve as an advisor to the Xcaliber Team but just as important, always being available to help anyone and everyone who loves this game…to have more fun!

Future Team Additions

We’ll be adding pieces to the Team asap including a Director of Procurement and Distribution; a Warehouse Manager and any other positions we deem absolutely necessary and those in-line with our Mission Statement and ambitions.
Starting in the 1st quarter of ‘19, we’re putting in-place a robust, monitored and maintained Social Media campaign with the help of the Visual Concept Marketing group and a PR Agency to ensure maximum exposure on all fronts.

Finally, also in ’19 we’ll be setting up new Xcaliber Distribution Centers in Europe, SE Asia, New Zealand, and Australia to start making distribution in those areas a lot easier and cost effective.

So needless to say, myself and everyone is super-excited about our future. But always remember, YOU come first period. It’s not about the money, it’s not about being number 1…it’s about Service - and always telling the TRUTH!