Our Mission Statement

To provide golfers of ALL abilities - from a Tour Pro to a casual weekend golfer - the highest performing, best quality and most innovative graphite golf shafts at a fair and reasonable prices.

Cost vs. Performance

There is no correlation - a high-priced graphite shaft does not insure it  performs any better the a great majority of lower priced graphite shafts like the Xcalibers. Simply put, cost does not equal better performance or higher quality.


The majority of the features and benefits of the materials being touted as advancements have typically either been used before (ex. thin-ply technology), or are simply marketing fabrications.

With 312 Tour wins - the most Tour wins in the history of golf - and countless wins at Tournament Club and Local levels of play, we are uniquely positioned to provide the golfing community truly great products. Further, and to me just as important, the simple gratefulness and appreciation given to the Xcaliber Team from our customers. And not just for the Xcalibers themselves, but for the personal support as we stand-ready to help in any way!

This is all to say that the continuous evolvement and innovation of the Xcaliber graphite golf shafts gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the new Team's aspirations in making our Mission Statement a reality.

Our Team

Robin Arthur Owner & Founder of Xcaliber Shafts

Robin Arthur

Owner & Founder of Xcaliber Shafts

Throughout my 25+ years in designing, testing, manufacturing, and marketing graphite golf shafts, I’ve had one consistent guiding principle - to give my absolute best in Imagineering and creating the best performing golf shafts in the world for golfers of all abilities. Further, to always tell the golfing community the truth about anything related to graphite shaft costs vs. performance, materials, quality and true innovation.

Eric Napue

Director of Technical Sales and Fitting Specialist

In a relatively short period of time, "Big E" has established himself as our "go-to" guy for all fill-in, shaft recommendations and questions about Xcaliber golf shafts especially as it pertains to performance for any golfer. He's a Master Fitter, Club Maker and was very successful in his sales efforts in the telecom industry.

Tom Larkin

Distribution Supervisor

Tom has had a very successful career in automotive sales and will be assisting Operations in insuring all orders are delivered on-tine and as-promised.