If you do not know the answers to some of the questions, that’s OK…we’ll CALL YOU and together we’ll get you the correct fit.

All shaft companies in describing their over-priced wood offerings state they use these special, proprietary, one-of-kind materials that provides all these amazing features and benefits. Now besides the “marketing” terminology they use to describe how these wonderful, one-of-a-kind materials…the TRUTH is they are not proprietary materials and typically used in a small portion of their shafts. THE BOTTOM line is this: shaft performance is based on three factors – distribution of stiffness, torsional resistance and weight. NOT their magic fairy dust! Consistency shaft-shaft – which should be a given - you’ll find in ALL Xcaliber Phoenix wood shafts. We should know – our Founder pioneered the idea of measuring shafts’ distribution of the mechanical properties way back in the ‘90s…and has improved upon those concepts every year! And understand this – the best driver shaft for YOU is the one that helps you hit.