Mid-To-Mid/High Launch Angles

Introducing The Phoenix Series Golf Shafts

Introducing the NEW Phoenix wood shafts – they're called "Ball Smashers" for a reason! These wood shafts use the latest advanced materials like ultra-high modulus carbon fibers and a special epoxy resin system. They have a stiffer overall structure compared to the New Legacy shafts, which helps REDUCE SPIN. The NEW Phoenix 4 and 5 designs are completely fresh, while the Phoenix 6 is an upgraded version of the original ProLite – a shaft that has won the most in PGA history!

Mid-To-Mid/High Launch Angles

New Legacy Wood Golf Shafts

🔥Introducing the extraordinary Legacy Wood Series of golf shafts, a groundbreaking achievement in golf technology crafted by the Guru of Graphite, Robin Arthur. Designed and handcrafted to provide a customized feel and performance tailored to meet every golfer's unique needs

Medium Launch Angle & Spin Rate

New Rapid Taper Iron & Hybrid Golf Shafts

The Rapid Taper Irons and Wedges were designed based on the physics of a whip. A whip’s specifically tapered cord stores all the input energy until the very last moment of release. Specifically designed distribution of stiffness is what makes the Rapid Taper Irons so long and unique.