Medium Launch Angle & Spin Rate

New Rapid Taper Golf Shafts

The Rapid Taper Irons and Wedges were designed based on the physics of a whip. A whip’s specifically tapered cord stores all the input energy until the very last moment of release. Specifically designed distribution of stiffness is what makes the Rapid Taper Irons so long and unique.

High Launch Launch Angles

Avalon Series Golf Shafts

The NEW Avalon 5 wood golf shafts are the only 50 gram shafts today that are Tour-Ready! Designed for low handicap golfers with medium to aggressive tempos/ transitions that DO NOT have to adjust their swings for a super-lite shaft. Expect a very stable, controllable shaft with high launch and medium to low spin for swings even up to 120 MPH!

Mid-To-Mid/High Launch Angles

Mystic Series Golf Shafts

A NEW design in the evolution of the hugely popular SL- 45 golf shafts! Designed with a stiffness distribution equal to much heavier shafts. For golfers of all abilities with smooth to slightly quicker tempos and transitions and driver speeds up to 100 mph. Expect a mid to mid/high launch with medium to slightly lower spin to help maximize distance.