Medium Launch Angle & Spin Rate

Classic Series Golf Shafts

Our most cost-effective line, built to the same exacting standards as our premium shafts. Fits a wide range of golfers with slow to medium tempos/transitions and swing speeds up to 100+ mph For optimum distance and control.

Mid-to-Low Launch

Pro Series Golf Shafts

Superior performance that competes with any high-priced shaft on Tour. More penetrating ball flight with less spin for maximum distance and control For mid-to-low handicap and Tour-caliber players with higher swing speeds.

Medium to Medium-High Launch Angles

Superlite Series Golf Shafts

A 45-gram shaft with stiffness distributions equal to much heavier shafts. No other Superlite shaft in the world can claim this fact. Medium to medium-high launch angles with medium to slightly lower spin to maximize distance For golfers who swing up to 105 MPH and have slow to even quick tempos / transitions.