Xcaliber Tour SL Hybrid Shaft

Flex MPF Code Length WT Butt Dia. Tip Dia. Parallel Tip Sect. Torque TRAJ
S 4B2H 41 in. 63 g 0.600 in. 0.370 in. 4 in. 3.7 MIH/HIGH
R 3B2H 41 in. 62 g 0.600 in. 0.370 in. 4 in. 3.7 MIH/HIGH
A 2B2H 41 in. 62 g 0.600 in. 0.370 in. 4 in. 3.7 MIH/HIGH
L 1D3M 41 in. 61 g 0.600 in. 0.370 in. 4 in. 3.7 MIH/HIGH

Launch the Ball Easily with This Model

Individually Tuned for Your Hybrids

Many companies use iron shafts in their hybrid clubs. They simply make them longer.

We don’t follow this industry standard. Our design philosophy is to create shafts that are tailored for each individual head type, so you get the best performance from every club in your bag.

The Xcaliber Tour SL Hybrid Shaft was designed to optimize the performance of hybrid heads specifically. Yet weighing in at 61-65 g, you may not even realize you’re holding a super light shaft.

We also gave this model a lower balance point than the Tour SL Fairway Wood Shafts. This often overlooked design principle helps you launch the ball easily from any lie, so you get maximum distance and control.

Ideal for Golfers with Slow-Average Swing Speeds

The Tour SL Hybrid Shaft is meant for golfers with slow to average swing speeds and slow to medium tempos / transitions. Whether you swing in the 80s or muscle it over 100 mph, you’ll get a medium to high ball flight without excessive spin.


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Trim Instructions


5 degree: 0 in., 18 degree: 0.5 in., 21 degree: 1 in., 24 degree: 1.5 in., 27 degree: 2 in. (maximum tipping 2 in.). After tipping, cut to final length from butt.

Experienced Club Makers:

A maximum of 2 in. can be applied to any single clubhead if a progression of of stiffness is not required.

Note: Trimming instructions are not set in stone (as a lot of companies will maintain). Rather they are a basic guide for assembly. Experimentation is definitely allowed and even encouraged once one has experience with the performance of any XCALIBER shaft.