Xcaliber Tour SL Fairway Shaft

Flex MPF Code Length WT Butt Dia. Tip Dia. Parallel Tip Sect. Torque TRAJ
S 4B2M 45 in. 57 g 0.605 in. 0.335 in. 5 in. 4.3 MID/HIGH
R 3B2M 45 in. 56 g 0.605 in. 0.335 in. 5 in. 4.3 MID/HIGH
A 2B2M 45 in. 54 g 0.605 in. 0.335 in. 5 in. 4.3 MID/HIGH

Golf Precision on Critical Fairway Shots

A Progressive Approach to Fairway Woods

Many fairway wood shafts on the market today are simply wood shafts that have been tipped and butt-cut to a shorter length.

The Xcaliber Tour SL Fairway Wood Shaft—like all Xcaliber fairway wood models—was designed with its own unique distribution of stiffness, weight and torque. This allowed us to optimize ball flight and maintain progressive stiffness and weight.

Maximize Distance and Control through your Golf Swing

Why is this important? As your clubs get shorter, they become harder to control. To correct this, stability must be increased to give you the precision you need on critical fairway shots.

We achieved this by designing our fairway woods with an ascending weight. That’s why each club in the Tour SL Fairway Wood lineup is at least 7 g heavier, though 1 in. shorter, than the Xcaliber Tour SL Wood Shafts.

If you have a slower swing speed, expect a high launch without excessive spin. If you have a faster swing, you’ll get a similar amount of spin with a medium to medium-high launch. Either way, you’ll get maximum distance and control.

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Trim Instructions


No tip trim for 3-woods, 0.5 in. increments for subsequent woods with a maximum of 2 in.

Experienced Club Makers:

The unique, longer parallel of 5 in. gives a club maker more options in tipping. Maximum tipping, in this case, can be extended to 3.5 in. This ensures the hosel depth is no more than 1.5 in.

Note: Trimming instructions are not set in stone (as a lot of companies will maintain). Rather they are a basic guide for assembly. Experimentation is definitely allowed and even encouraged once one has experience with the performance of any XCALIBER shaft.