Xcaliber SWD60 Fairway Shaft

Flex MPF Code Length WT Butt Dia. Tip Dia. Parallel Tip Sect. Torque TRAJ
TS 4.5B1M 45 in. 62 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 4.7 LOW/ID
S 4B1M 45 in. 61 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 4.8 LOW/MID
R 3B2M 45 in. 60 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 4.9 LOW/MID

Light Wood Shaft for the Best Golf Play

The Lightest Shaft for the Best Turf Play

The Xcaliber Tour SWD60 Fairway Wood Shaft is a first in the industry. Unlike other shafts, it’s not just a wood shaft trimmed down to fairway wood length. We designed it specifically to optimize the performance of fairway wood heads.

To do that, we made the upper and middle sections slightly stiffer than the Xcaliber SWD50 Wood Shaft to offset the increase in the weight of fairway wood heads.

We also gave it a similar balance point, but with a slightly softer lower section. This helps players get the ball airborne easily while providing a Tour trajectory without excessive spin.

Optimize Golf Performance

The SWD60 FW Shaft was designed and player tested for golfers with 100-120+ mph driver swing speeds, fast tempos and aggressive transitions from the top. You can expect a medium launch angle for superior distance control. It also serves as an ideal complement to the Xcaliber SWD50 Wood Shaft.


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Trim Instructions


Butt cut to length.

Experienced Club Makers:

A maximum of 1 in. may be carefully tipped, providing the head's hosel depth does not exceed 1.5 in.

Note: Trimming instructions are not set in stone (as a lot of companies will maintain). Rather they are a basic guide for assembly. Experimentation is definitely allowed and even encouraged once one has experience with the performance of any XCALIBER shaft.