Xcaliber Pro T6 Shaft

Flex MPF Code Length WT Butt Dia. Tip Dia. Parallel Tip Sect. Torque TRAJ
TS 4.5B2H 46 in. 67 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 2.9 LOW/MID
S 4B2H 46 in. 66 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 2.9 LOW/MID
R 3B2H 46 in. 65 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 2.9 LOW/MID

High Level Performance for Professional Golfers

Designed for low-handicap and scratch golfers, the 65 g Xcaliber Pro T6 features a stiffness profile similar to many shafts found on the PGA Tour.

To create it, we re-engineered the highly successful Xcaliber Tour T6+ Shaft to work with the latest in head technology. We also improved the stiffness and torque profiles, giving the shaft medium stiff upper and middle sections combined with a medium to stiff lower section. Then we rigorously tested it with better players all over the country.

The result was a Tour-level shaft that helped golf ball mashers minimize spin to maximize their distance.

Ideal for Skilled Golfers to Optimize Performance

The Pro T6 Shaft is ideal for skilled, high swing speed players needing a stronger stiffness profile to optimize launch conditions. This takes the left side of the fairway out of the picture for right-handed golfers (and vice-versa for lefties).

If you swing 95-105 mph and have a medium swing profile, expect a medium to medium-high ball flight with reduced spin.

If you are more aggressive and sport a swing speed of 100+ mph, expect a lower flight without excessive spin.


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Trim Instructions


Tip 0 in. for driver, 0.5 in. for 3-wood, etc.; max 1.5 in.

Experienced Club Makers:

A maximum tip trim for any head is 2 in., providing the bore depth does not exceed 1.5 in.

Note: Trimming instructions are not set in stone (as a lot of companies will maintain). Rather they are a basic guide for assembly. Experimentation is definitely allowed and even encouraged once one has experience with the performance of any XCALIBER shaft.