Xcaliber Pro T7.5 Shaft

Flex MPF Code Length WT Butt Dia. Tip Dia. Parallel Tip Sect. Torque TRAJ
TS 4.5B1H 46 in. 76 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 2.7 LOW/MID
S 4B1H 46 in. 75 g 0.600 in. 0.335 in. 3.5 in. 2.7 LOW/MID

Heaviest Shaft in the Pro Series Display

A Heavier Shaft Without the “Rebar” Feel

With bragging rights as the heaviest shaft in the Pro Series lineup, the Xcaliber Pro T7.5 uses proven design elements that have been in development for over 20 years. This updated version of the original heavy ProLite Shaft takes into account the ever-changing size and mass distributions (weight, center of gravity, etc.) of the latest head designs.

The Pro T7.5 Shaft features the stiffest lower section in the industry for its weight category. This lower section is complemented by medium to stiff upper and middle sections to enhance feel—without the “rebar” feeling common with many stiffer, heavier shafts.

Enhance your Golf Game with the Shaft’s Unique Characteristics

If you’re a low handicapper or better, the Xcaliber Pro 7.5 was designed for you. Its unique characteristics will give you the ability to eliminate the left side of the fairway if you’re a righty, or the right side if you’re a lefty.

For aggressive hitters with swing speeds between 105-110 mph, the S-flex version delivers a Tour-like trajectory. Expect a boring to medium-high ball flight with optimum spin for maximizing distance.

For players with swing speeds in excess of 110 mph, the TS-flex version provides a Tour-like ball flight that is boring to medium-high.

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Trim Instructions


Tip 0 in. for driver, 0.5 in. for 3-wood, etc.; max 1.5 in.

Experienced Club Makers:

A maximum tip trim for any head is 2 in., providing the bore depth does not exceed 1.5 in.

Note: Trimming instructions are not set in stone (as a lot of companies will maintain). Rather they are a basic guide for assembly. Experimentation is definitely allowed and even encouraged once one has experience with the performance of any XCALIBER shaft.