How to Increase Distance with Your Driver

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Improving your golf game means consistently improving on your core skills and golf swing. Two of the most important factors when driving the ball is distance and accuracy. In order to perfect the best swing, you’ll want to not only perfect your accuracy but also increase the distance you can drive the ball.

In order to help you, we’re going to give you tips on how to increase the distance of your drive without compromising on your accuracy.

Establish Fundamentals

As with any sport you learn, you need to get the basics down well before you can move to more advanced skills and tricks. Ensuring that you do not lose accuracy during your swing is largely about sticking to the fundamentals of your swing and not trying to hard to get distance.

By following the proper way to swing and follow through with the club, you’ll do more good than if you try to hit the ball as hard as you can.

Tips for Adding Distance

Remember that a good shot is not simply about distance, but about getting the best distance while maintaining accuracy and control over the ball. If you are trying to drill the ball, you’re likely missing fundamentals of your swing and are not going to get the best results, in terms of distance or otherwise.

Tip 1: Watch Your Stance

Widen your stance when swinging your driver. This can give you more stability and balance, ensuring that your swing is accurate and gains the most momentum.

Tip 2: Position the Ball

Try positioning the ball slightly farther forward and tee it up higher. This can help you get more motion on your swing through and give you a better connection on your swing, propelling the ball farther.

Tip 3: Get the Backswing

Make sure you get a full backswing by bringing your left shoulder up past your knee cap (or reversed for left-handed golfers). This will make sure that you get a full wind up and transfer as much force as possible into your swing.

Tip 4: Don’t Neglect Your Knees

Make sure you don’t flex or extend your knees too much as you turn back and rotate during your swing. You want to keep your hips and legs fairly firm to help create the most resistance possible. This will help give your swing more momentum on rotation, which will transfer into your impact and increase the distance on your shot.

Tip 5: Steady Swing for Success

The most important tip is to maintain a steady swing through and to stick to your fundamentals. Many people try hard to drive the ball as hard as possible, focusing more on force than anything else. Instead, you should focus on perfecting your swinging motion and maintaining a steady, complete follow through.

This will not only ensure that you have the best accuracy and control over the ball, but it will automatically result in added distance if you perform your swing properly.

If you can follow the basics, as well as try to add these 5 helpful tips, you should see the distance on your drives increase significantly. The best part is that if you follow our guidelines, you will still be able to maintain accuracy and control over your shots.

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