How to Improve Putting for Your Short Game

February 18, 2017 10:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts golf

Putting is often one of the areas where we rack up our swing count and effectively lose our game. It’s devastating to get to a par 4 hole in two swings, just to butcher your putting and end up with a single or double bogie.

In order to fix this and perfect your short game, we have three unbeatable tips!

Improve Your Short Game with These 3 Tips

(For all of the advice below, we’re going to describe it as if you are a right-handed golfer. If you shoot left-handed, simply reverse our instructions.)

Lead Your Shot with Your Left Foot

We often think of your most important hand as the dominant hand that offers the most force during the swing and seems to control the direction of the club. However, when it comes to guiding the ball, your secondary hand and foot are more responsible than your dominant hand. This means that you want to lead your shot with your left foot in order to get the best control over the direction of the ball.

To improve your guidance using your left hand, practice swinging your club while holding it with just your left hand. Grip the club normally, and then remove your right hand. Don’t use the fingers of your left hand, but the grip it with your hand. Practicing your swing like this will help you isolate the guiding motion your left-hand makes so that you can be more conscious of it during your swing.

Roll the Ball Rather Than Hit It

With any type of swing, it is important to focus on a full, complete follow through and proper swing more than it is to focus on getting a solid hit. Although this applies to your driving, this could not be more true of your short game. Putting the ball is a very delicate process if you want to get accuracy, control, and distance.

The most important thing to remember when putting the ball is to roll the ball, pushing it rather than hitting it. Hitting the ball will give you no accuracy on your shot and will also affect your control over distance. Instead, ensuring a delicate, full follow through in which you trace the ball after connecting with it, will ensure that you propel the ball forward rather than ‘hit’ it, forcing it to roll smoothly.

Target the Line; Not the Ball

One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting – and which can cause them to ‘hit’ rather than ‘roll’ the ball – is targeting the ball rather than the line you want it to travel. Most golfers focus on where they want to make contact with the ball, which can lead to the exact thing we were just talking about, hitting it rather than pushing it.

In order to correct this, look directly in front of your ball, along the target line you want it to travel. This will not only help you reduce your likelihood of ‘hitting’ the ball, but will also help you direct the ball down the right path and ensure that your swing sets up, connects, and follows through properly.

If you can apply these three simple tips to your short game, you should see an improvement in your putting. If you practice long enough and get these skills down, you should see yourself hitting more pars and shaving swings off of your holes.

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