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Pitching Wedge Tips

The Best 4 Ways to Use Your Pitching Wedge

Your pitching wedge is one of your most versatile and useful clubs, giving you a range of specific shot types out on the course. You can chip the ball high into the air, allowing the ball to drop onto the green with little backspin so that it falls gently in place.


How to Improve Putting for Your Short Game

Putting is often one of the areas where we rack up our swing count and effectively lose our game. It’s devastating to get to a par 4 hole in two swings, just to butcher your putting and end up with a single or double bogie.


How to Increase Distance with Your Driver

Improving your golf game means consistently improving on your core skills and golf swing. Two of the most important factors when driving the ball is distance and accuracy. In order to perfect the best swing, you’ll want to not only perfect your accuracy but also increase the distance you can drive the ball.

Choosing Xcaliber Golf Shafts

Unlocking the Keys to Golf Shaft Design

Most golfers and club manufacturers are well aware of terms like stiffness, butt frequency, torque, weight, balance point, etc.

The XCaliber Difference

The problem with defining shafts by any of these singular properties is that they do not address how these mechanical properties are distributed along the length of the s