The Best 4 Ways to Use Your Pitching Wedge

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Your pitching wedge is one of your most versatile and useful clubs, giving you a range of specific shot types out on the course.

You can chip the ball high into the air, allowing the ball to drop onto the green with little backspin so that it falls gently in place.

You can also use it to bluntly punch the ball, giving it less arch and more forward momentum. This can be done with backspin so that there is little roll or without backspin so that the ball maintains its forward momentum, travelling much like a put on the green.

These two shot types reflect the wide range your pitching wedge gives you!

How to Get the Most from Your Wedge

The following four tips will help you take full advantage of the power of your pitching wedge, while leaving your competition far behind!

Consider Forward Roll

An important thing to remember when using your pitching wedge is that unlike an iron, which has a 3 to 1 ratio of time in air and rolling, your pitching wedge will have a 2 to 1 ratio of time in air and time rolling. When you are preparing for your shot, you’ll want to give it less distance in the air, understanding that a lot of its momentum will be transferred to the balls roll on the green.

Control Backspin

Your pitching nature, based on the degree of the face and the way you hit the ball during your swing, will have the most backspin of any club you’re likely using. Although this does often work to your advantage, you will want to be in control of how much backspin you give to your shots and how this will affect the roll and lie of your ball on the green.

Getting on the Green

Whether you want to chip the ball high or punch it, your pitching wedge is the best club for you to get your ball onto the green. It will give the ball more loft than your irons, which will make the ball land softer, making it roll less and lie closer to where you land. If you’re within 40 or even 50 feet of the green, your pitching wedge will most likely be your best bet.

Roughing It

If you’re relatively close to the hole, but still in the rough, your pitching wedge may still be your best bet. Although golfers like to use it off the fairway and land themselves nicely on the green with a soft high chip or a punch and roll, chipping from the rough is still a great way to get yourself closest to the hole.

Although you can punch the ball out of the rough if you’re still really close to the green, the best tactic with your pitching wedge to get the ball out of the rough and gently onto the green is by chipping it higher into the air. Since the grass will slow your swing down, you will need to get a little bit more power and make sure you have a steady follow through.

Remember that the ball will spend half its time in the air and half rolling and that the pitching wedge will naturally add a lot of backspin to the ball.

Adjust your approach and swing in accordance to whether you’re on the fairway or in the rough as well, and you should be able to shave points of your game.

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