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We tell the golfing community the truth about golf shaft design as it relates to performance and cost.

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The Truth About the Golf Shaft Industry

Founder Robin Arthur explains his mission to design a line of fairly priced golf shafts that rivals the performance of the industry’s highest priced models. Watch and learn why this was an easy mission to accomplish.

Arthur, forged the company on a two-fold mission statement. He believed in developing high performance golf shafts while being transparent with the public about our golf shaft designs as it relates to both cost and performance. He also believed in innovative golf shafts at fair prices, providing golfers of all ability levels the best quality, performance, and prices.

He also believed in bringing Tour professionals and casual golfers the highest performance and quality products. That’s why we design, build, and supply the best quality shafts for all golfers!

Built on Honesty, Transparency, and Trust

Xcaliber has been built on principles of our founder, Robin Arthur, who believed in honesty and transparency with his customers about his products, design, and pricing in order to built trust and loyalty. That’s why our team works to develop golf shafts to the highest standards while being honest and transparent about our product’s performance, durability, and overall quality.

More than this, we’re upfront about our materials, construction, and pricing so that we can build a lasting relationship and offer all levels of golfers the best products for fair prices!